Wherever you are, grab your Mason Monster™

Written By Brad Sokoly - August 27 2014


Joe Stapley
November 26 2014

i was in Seattle this weekend at an Ace Hardware and bought my Mason Monster lid. Haven’t used it yet, but love the concept. I work for Noble Environmental Technologies, we make ECOR (www.ecorusa.com). I would like to speak with someone about using ECOR as a replacement to standard cardboard and your point of purchase displays. ECOR is made from 100% post consumer used fiber. It is natural and completely Bio-Based and fantastically printable, which could add to your story. Please call me. Joe Stapley 760-846-5571

Mason Monster
November 18 2014

Hi Toni,
First of all what kind of a jar was it, Ball, Kerr, Golden Harvest, etc.. Next, did you notice the instructions on the back of the package that the lid came on? It is recommended that you wet the gasket for the first couple of uses. Our gasket is a proprietary gasket that needs to be trained to fit the inside of your jar. All that you have to do is wet the gasket just a little bit and press the lid on your jar. Pretty soon the lid will be fitting like a glove after a few uses and washes!! There are so many sizes of Mason jars out there and this is the best way to accommodate the most size jars without using that awful rusty jar band like all the others do.
Please let me know if this solves your problem of the lid not fitting on your jar.
Look for a video coming soon about this on our website.

November 13 2014

the lid does not stay on. I fought with it for 20mins. Great idea but isn’t worth 20mins to try get the lid to stay on. VERY frustrating for something so expensive and I can’t even use it.

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